Kindermusik Program

About Kindermusik

JimJam Studios teach the internationally renowned Kindermusik curriculum for our 0-6 year old music and movement classes. We are proudly among the top 5% of Kindermusik programs worldwide.

We are incredibly lucky to have exceptional educators in our studio. We are professional musicians and performers. But above all, we are brain builders! In addition to extensive music backgrounds and education, our teachers complete a 4 month certification program to learn the best way to teach music to our youngest learners. We participate in ongoing professional development trainings to learn the most up-to-date research on music & movement teaching techniques and benefits.

Our talented teaching team leads you and your child through a Kindermusik journey. Age appropriate musical activities teach your child singing skills, language development, steady beat, rhythm, creativity, ensemble and more at each stage of development. It’s the perfect brain boost and a joyful way to get out of the house!

Come and sing, play, dance, clap, stomp, frolic and make memories with us. ​Kindermusik class will become the best part of your week and plant the seeds for your child’s lifelong love of music.  You’ll be amazed at what you and your child learn!  Music now, skills for life.


PLEASE NOTE:  Our Kindermusik room is a shoe-free space and socks are required for adults and walking children (we have them available for $2/pair if you forget).  

No food or drinks (including coffee) are allowed in the classroom.  You are welcome to have a snack or drink in the waiting room.


They gain the phonological processing, spoken language, and comprehension skills that are the foundation of reading.


Children build the spatial-temporal and reasoning skills required for math, science, and engineering.


They develop social and emotional skills that are essential for school readiness—like the ability to regulate their responses and relate to others in complex ways.


By moving and dancing to music and playing simple instruments, children improve their gross and fine motor skills.


Activities that encourage freedom within a fun and friendly structure spark their creativity.And of course, they develop a lifelong love of music.