Frequently Asked Questions


How is our year structured?

At Jim Jam Studios our year runs from February to December, 39 weeks of classes with breaks over the school holidays.  To get the most from our programs and guarantee their place is held in a class we recommend staying enrolled throughout the year. This gives children a chance to build relationships with fellow students, learn and build on musical concepts and really immerse themselves into the program, grow and learn.

How do I know which class is right for my child?

Age recommendations for each level class are made to ensure that children are grouped in a developmentally appropriate way. Your child needs to be at least the minimum age for the chosen class by the start of a semester. If you are concerned at all, this can be discussed with the teacher to see if your child would be better suited to a different age group.

When can I register for a class?

Anytime! We have new units/themes starting every 5 weeks but get in early as we do have limited numbers to classes and often have a waiting list for certain days or times. Either fill in an online enrolment form or call Nicola on 0419 809 055 to discuss the best class for your child.

How do I pay for classes?

For simplicity, your enrolment fees are direct debited monthly. Once you have enrolled into a class we will set up your  direct debit via ezidebit, you can do this either via credit card or bank details. Your first payment will include the yearly $25 admin/insurance fee. Please let us know if your bank details or credit card details change, otherwise you may be charged a dishonour fee. 

An easy way to understand our monthly fee system is this;

Term 1 -Jan/Feb/March payments

Term 2 – April/May/June payments

Term 3 – July/Aug/Sep payments

Term 4 – Oct/Nov/Dec

If you join in the middle of a month then we work out the cost on a pro-rata basis.

To stop monthly payments you must give us 30 days notice via email or call our office.

Can I pay by the term?

Yes you can on request – please speak to our office staff at time of booking to arrange this.

What are the Kindermusik @Home Materials?

The @Home Materials are an important element of the Kindermusik experience. These ‘materials’ become part of your child’s life and they learn the songs we sing and dance to in class, enjoy reading their story books, doing activities as well as playing with their percussion instrument! Children who frequently reinforce and enjoy activities in their home environment will feel more secure in class and will participate more.

Students who attend our Kindermusik classes receive a CD and online@home materials with each unit/them and an instrument every alternate unit/theme. Other classes like FunDrum and Kids Choir will receive resources and materials through the term where is appropriate.

I have twins/two children who will be in the same class. Do I get a discount?

Yes, the price for the 1st child is the regular fee and there is a discount for the 2nd child. There is also a discount if you have 2 or more children enrolled in different programs eg. baby in a Babies class + preschooler in Movers and Groovers class. Please enquire at time of enrolment.

What happens if I miss a class?

We understand that sometimes you can’t attend class due to illness or holidays. If you give us appropriate notice, we are happy to offer you an alternate class to attend another week or day. Refunds are not given for missed classes. In some circumstances if something prevents you coming to class for a long period of time we can put your monthly payments on hold but we cannot guarantee or hold your space in a class.

If the class is cancelled due to teacher illness or other circumstances it is rescheduled for another time.

My child is very shy and introverted, I’m not sure if they will join in with the class activities…

That’s the great thing about Kindermusik. It’s not performance based, so there is no pressure and all children are encouraged to participate in their own way. Children are all different little beings and our classes cater for all energy levels, moods and personalities. Some children like to sit back and observe what’s going on around them and that’s how they learn, others ‘dig in’ and want to experience everything! Children who are shy often find it’s a great environment to build their social skills by doing circle dances, interacting during instrument exploration time with other children and on the flipside a very busy child can benefit from rocking time, learning to relax and just ‘be’.

I have a younger child, can they come too?

We do have some multi-age classes (Level 3) where younger siblings can join in (check with Nicola in our office). The class content will be the same as in our other classes however there will be age appropriate instruments and the teacher will give guidance as to how to adapt different activities to the younger child. If your child is attending Level 4 Kindermusik, younger siblings can join in the last 10 minutes with parents/caregivers. Babies 9 months and under are free to attend any classes with older siblings.

Can I attend an introductory or trial class?

We have introduced a 2 week taster pack for $30, which entitles you to attend 2 classes and you get a take home music download card. Often the first class, children are observing, some children are very shy and don’t know our class routines. It You may not believe it, but 95% of children are involved, sharing in the experience and having fun by the second lesson! If you attend the first week and love it, then you can enrol after your two week trial anytime during the term.

Just call Nicola on 0419 809 055 or email to book.